Spinera Professional Water Glider 3 Person



The Water Glider was designed and developed completely through many years of trial and error. We are proud of the Water Glider and its reputation with customers around the world. During the professional Water Glider racing in Europe, Water Glider 2 and Water Glider 3 can fly 10 meters up in the air when pulled by a Jet Ski. The Water Glider 6 has become the most popular model with our European customers.

The Water Glider is constructed with super tough fabric tube and the bottom is specially reinforced to withstand commercial use. Large reinforced shackle-rings are located on tubes.

Our line of professional buoys are specially made for nautical bases. The buoys are made of high tear resistant nylon. The inflatable inner part is made of 0.9mm PVC. All pro buoys have Tarpuline protection 0.8mm thick on the bottom. This reinforced and smooth PVC protection also makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of the boat.

• World-Wide patent
• New concept of water boat
• Standard Features:
• Main tube fabric: 1,000 denier/ 0.9mm thickness
• Heavy duty reinforcement
• Strong towing patches
• Soft handles
• Stainless steel d-rings
• 4-chamber security system “we take care about safety”

Standard Equipment:
• Carrying bag
• Hand piston pump
• Repair kit
• Towing rope 20m incl.
• Owner’s manual

Measurements Water Glider 3:
Length overall: 298cm
Length inside: 196cm
Width overall: 323m
Width inside: 50cm
Tube diameter: 46cm
No. of chambers: 3+2+2
Max. payload: 300kg
Max. passengers: 3
Weight: 37kg

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