Spinera Professional Lets Go 6



This tube is specially made for commercial use with maximum durability. Heavy Duty material, Tarpulin bottom, the tube is completely enclosed in a nylon sheath, 3 drawbar eyes are sewn at several draw points and numerous soft nylon handles with underlying neoprene pads stand for the outstanding and professional quality of Spinera.

Special wide seats for up to 6 big adults! “The ultimate fun on the water for up to 6 people! So let’s go!

Our line of professional buoys are specially made for nautical bases. The buoys are made of high tear resistant nylon. The inflatable inner part is made of 0.9mm PVC. All pro buoys have Tarpuline protection 0.8mm thick on the bottom. This reinforced and smooth PVC protection also makes it possible to reduce the fuel consumption of the boat.

Professional Series/Heavy Duty Rental
36 Gauge
Size: 122”x118”/310*310cm (Inflated)
PVC Thickness: 0,9mm
Nylon Cover Thickness: 1680D
Fully padded comfort Handles w. EVA Knuckle Guards: 45
2 Boston Valve for fast inflation & deflation
Quick Connector Hook
Special: – 0.8mm tarpulin bottom
comfortable/wide seating area
3-chamber security system “we take care about safety”

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Dimensions 310 × 310 cm