Rowboat Lena



Length 530 cm
Width 135 cm
Weight 110 kg
Limit 4 persons or 550 kg


narrow and fast rowing boat, well prepared also for a motor drive. Maneuverable and easy to handle, thanks to the shape of the hull and to the special stability.

The boat has two capacious lockers – one at the bow, the other – at the stern. They help to protect your valuables from getting wet. Front storage compartment creates a large deck, which allows a comfortable stay even in recumbency.

People, who use engines will appreciate the special holes in the lid feed lockers. They allow you to lay conveniently fuel or electrical lines for driving without breaking the aesthetic view of build.

Lena is ideal for use in bays, lakes and rivers. It works great as a universal boat for fishing and as a comfortable, roomy and safe walking boat for the whole family.

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