MT Swivel Wake-Surf Rack 2,5



MT Swivel Wake-Surf Rack 2.5

The Swivel wakeboard / surfboard rack brings the boards to you with a two-position pull pin-lock system.

This rack holds 2 wakeboards / wakeskates or 1 surfboard and a wakeboard / wakeskate ( 1.25 “and 2.75” fork widths). The rack has the thickest dampers to protect the board and reduce the clatter of thinner boards. This rack also includes an easy-to-use UV-resistant drawstring that holds wakeboards, surfboards and wakeskates.

With a brushed and anodized surface for superior corrosion resistance, this rack was designed, 2-1 / 2 “towers.

Due to the European warehouse, even items that are not in stock are available for you within a few days

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